World Food Day

As some of us agreed during the last exchange of Mountains connecting people, few participants held an event for World Food Day on 16th of October.

For the Serbian team, it was in Novi Sad, in the VCV (Volunteer Centre of Vojvodina) office. Jelena and Bogdan helped us organise and get some minor stuff we needed, but Lea and Ivana were the ones ”hunting” and gathering leftover food from Novi Sad’s markets. It was quite an adventure! Ivana started doing this on the regular, becoming a part-time freegan. The people on the farmer’s markets began recognizing me and when they see me they say things like ‘hey you, I have some garbage for you!’. But really, the food is all edible. We will definitely need to make a short film and document how easy and fast it is to gather vegetables and save them from becoming trash and make them into delicious meals.

So, on the 16th, food was cooked (by Ivana) and transported with generous help from the VCV crew. We had about 20 people come, most of them didn’t really know the extent of the food waste problem. At first Lea guided a little discussion and informed people about this, and we also put up posters with the exhibition (which are still up at the VCV headquarters :)) And we watched the movie “Taste the Waste”, after which our guests were pretty shocked, so we had a bit of a discussion during dinner 🙂

It was our first action like this, but there will definitely be more. Since we had a small interview on a local television, one girl even contacted me, saying we should meet up since she’s been doing a similar action, gathering food from local bakeries, restaurants and distributing them to families in need. We definitely did something important, even though it was a small event, we think people were moved by it and will take action. We encourage you to do the same!

Ivana and Lea


For the Croatian team, we got in touch with Irena from Vestigium and made it very simple: we wanted to show people how they can very practically do something to reduce their foodprint. So we prepared and set the exhibition about connection between food production and climate change made during the second youth exchange of the project, in Bulgaria, Daša and Ljiljana from Zeleni klik did a workshop on composting in apartment and Nikolina from Prijatelji životinja showed us and told us some tips and tricks about vegan cooking.


There was also a discussion about the matters of the food from personal, local and global aspect. The evening ended in singing and playing music (”Polar bears felt it” included!) around the compost bin. We are planning on more activities concerning wasting food, climate change and climate (in)justice, bears in Kuterevo and volunteering in cooperation with the people who gathered that evening.

Maja and Anamarija


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