The project

Mountains, people, and climate connect in simple and complex ways.

“Mountains connecting people” project was created by participants of the Youth Exchange “Winter Peace in Kuterevo“, who wanted to continue the adventure and take action. The project is also part of the SCI worldwide campaign “Create a Climate for Peace“.

“Mountains connecting people” aimed to inform young people about changes that are happening to our systems – climate, food and agriculture and social systems. This project includes three Youth Exchanges, taking place in different seasons in Kosovo, Bulgaria and Croatia, in small mountain communities separated by distance and history, but which have in common a close link to nature and traditional lifestyle. For the Youth Exchanges, 25 young people, coming from Croatia, Serbia, Russia (Republic of Mari El), Kosovo and Bulgaria, gathered to talk about and explore solutions to some of the most pressing challenges that we are all facing as a society.

These three youth exchanges were meant to spark the initiative to develop collaboration groups between countries for active responses to those environmental and social challenges that we are all facing. Each exchange was designed to build up the knowledge and understanding of the discussed topics and look for possible solutions to some pressing problems and crisis. This youth exchange is about nature, culture, climate, food and discovering ways to live sustainably and make our home a better place for us and the generations to come.

Indeed, one very important aspect of the “Mountains connecting people” youth exchange is to offer new ways of thinking and acting, new ideas and inspirations about what their life could be, new awareness and understanding of the world and will to be actively part of it. During the three youth exchange we also provided young people with tools and ideas to encourage them to change their life, take action and start working on personal and global challenges. The three exchanges also helped us to get familiar with alternative to the modern city lifestyle and become less dependent on modern days economic and social systems. We have disconnected from our usual life and lifestyle which helped us connect with the nature and people around us.