Winter peace in Brezovica

For the first part of Mountains Connecting People, 27 young people gathered in the village Brezovica in Kosovo. This first exchange was about climate change and climate justice, about causes and effects of global warming, and about its consequences on human rights and justice around the world.

The first half of the project′s program consisted mainly of learning. Discussions among the group as well as lectures by professionals of NGOs and the National Park lead us through the day. Though it was a lot of information in a short time, we enjoyed learning and everybody showed their interest.

Learning and knowing, however, wasn′t enough for the group. We felt like doing something concrete against the problems we were now aware of.

To release the “pressure” in our heads that was looking for a vent, the second half of winter peace in Brezovica was about realising projects and actions as a group to raise awareness for climate change and spread the word of justice.

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